Presentation time is critical: each paper is allocated 15 minutes for oral sessions. We recommend that presentation of your slides should take about 12-13 minutes, leaving 2-3 minutes for introduction, summary, and questions from the audience.
The presentations should contain clear information with appropriate font size that is legible from the back of the conference room. Plan on covering at most 6 points per slide, covered by 6 to 12 spoken sentences and no more than about two spoken minutes. A reasonable strategy is to allocate about 2 minutes per slide when there are equations or important key points to make, and one minute per slide when the content is less complex.
The official language is English. The presentation must cover the material as cited in the abstract and the final paper, and it should cover the key points of your work.
Please bring your presentation in PPTX (PPSX) (Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013) or PDF format on a USB stick or CD and upload it onto the computer in the room before the start of the session. Presenters must arrive in the meeting room and contact the Session Moderator in advance at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session.
All presentation rooms will be equipped with a computer, a data projector, a microphone and a pointing device. For performing the presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or Adobe PDF Reader under Microsoft Windows 8 will be used.
If you need any other audio or visual equipment, such as a DVD or VHS player, please send a request. Such requests must be received by one month before the conference date.
Poster presentation guidelines
Presenters at the poster sessions shall bring their own printed posters. It is also possible to print a poster on site..
Poster numbers will be disposed on the wall panels. This number will also be identified in the Conference program, so people who have an interest in your poster can easily find it. Materials for sticking of posters to the board will be provided by the Secretariat. Prepare the poster on material that is lightweight. Please do not laminate your poster.
To fit comfortably within the poster frame, posters must be vertical A0 size (1188 x 840 mm).
The official language for the posters is English. The presentation must cover the material as cited in the abstract and the final paper, and it should cover the key points of your work.
Posters should be readable from a distance of 2 meters. Make your poster as self-explanatory as possible. Use pictures, diagrams, cartoons, figures, etc., rather than text wherever possible.
Presenters may prepare hand-outs for distribution at the conference. The hand-outs should be directly related to the topic of the poster and may not contain any advertising.
Presenters will be assigned a specific poster session. Presenters shall be available at the poster session near their poster for the duration of the session in order to answer to the conference participants’ questions. Prepare a short presentation of about 5 or 10 minutes that you can periodically give to those assembled around your poster throughout the poster session. If possible, more than one author should attend the session to aid in presentations and discussions, and to provide the presenters with the chance to rest. Posters will be displayed all 3 days of the Conference.
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Electrical outlets will not be provided in the poster presentation area. The poster area is sufficiently lit, so no spotlights are required. You may bring additional battery-operated audio or visual aids to enhance your presentation.